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G.O.E. (General Oil Equipment) was established in 1938 as petroleum equipment distributor. Our specialty was pumping and metering equipment for refineries, bulk distribution facilities and tank trucks.

We expanded our expertise in pumping and metering to the food, pharmaceutical and chemical process industries and we developed the Frontier Micro line of electronic batch controllers.

G.O.E. developed specialty spraying equipment for food product coating applications. The VPLS (Variable Profile Liquid Spray) system is widely recognized as a superior coating system. Learn more about this system at

In 1988, G.O.E. purchased Avins Fabricating Co., now Amherst Stainless Fabrication, LLC, which has been developed into a quality stainless steel fabrication shop with ASME and PED capabilities. We are highly regarded for our polishing and rapid response. Visit our site at

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General Oil Equipment
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